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Precision Hoof Pick = Quality Craftsmanship & Durability

The Precision Hoof Pick is made from stainless steel. The English handle is 6” long with a center marker at 3” and the pick end is 2” long. It has a 1/16” measurement scale. It is laser etched in easy to read bold black lines and numbers on both left and right sides.

​The Precision Hoof Pick is also available in a stainless steel Metric/English combination version. Left side with a scale measurement in mm. The handle is 16cm long with a center marker at 8cm and the pick end is 5cm long. The right side is as described above.

Patented and Made in the USA

Why use Precision Hoof Pick?

You will want to use the Precision Hoof Pick to measure and evaluate hoof structure and growth. Precision Hoof Pick is an accurate visual aid. Precision Hoof Pick was designed to measure hoof width and length, sole and frog proportion, toe length, concavity depth, central sulcus and collateral groove depth, heel height, heel bulb width, bar length and height, hoof wall and white line thickness. You can easily determine if flare is present on the medial and lateral sides of the hoof, as well as the dorsal/front surface of the hoof wall. There are many other aspects of the hoof you may want to measure depending on rehabilitation needs or different methods and training. You can attain the best hoof balance by using the Precision Hoof Pick.

Will I know how to properly use Precision Hoof Pick?

For the horse owner that is new to evaluating their horse’s hooves, it is recommended that you work with your hoof care provider to determine if there are any current issues and set goals for your rehabilitation needs. Once your goals are set, you will need Precision Hoof Pick to gauge your starting point and accurately measure your progress. Precision Hoof Pick is a great visual aid that will guide you through this process. This measuring device will help you develop a confident eye for the needs of each hoof, whether you are performing regular maintenance care or rehabilitating hooves. You will use it every time you pick up a horse’s hoof. It is fun and exciting to measure and see the progressive changes!

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