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I love the Precision Pick!!  It is so handy to not have to fumble with a tape measure.  I've used it alot lately to measure toe lengths -  It really saves alot of time and helps me be more accurate and keep better records for tracking progress....having a hoof pick wrapped up in all that is a bonus!! What a clever idea!!!"


Paula Hanes, HoofSense Natural Hoofcare

"The precision hoof pick has been a brilliant addition to our box of tools. After we received our picks we have used them on a daily basis trimming hooves. It takes the guess work out of getting accurate measurements to achieve perfect hoof balance! Cheers Sarah!"


Ross and Mel Barker - United Kingdom
UKNHCP Certified Practitioner & Field Instructor

"I can't imagine doing my hoof care work without the Precision Pick! It's such a fantastic tool. It's not only perfect for measuring, but the sides and corners are sharp enough to help scrape exfoliating sole & clean out all the cracks & crevices. Precision Pick is one of my most valuable tools! The straight edges, clear measurements & right angle make it the most useful, reliable and accurate measuring hoof pick I've used."

​Linda Martin, The Good Hoof

"I purchased one of your Precision Picks close to five years ago. Finally, someone has designed a product that will withstand the test of time, elements, use and abuse! My first Precision Pick is still in great shape. Just today, I ordered a second Pick, one with both English and metric measurements to help me with fitting boots in metric sizes as well! Without my Precision Pick, I feel LOST. The Pick takes all the guesswork out of measuring and balancing. Thank you so much for designing this quality product!"


Sarah Bradley, Rock Solid Hoofcare, Port Angeles, WA

"It only took one trimming day to get me completely hooked on your hoof pick! The shape is great and the measurements are very handy. Plus, it has an added benefit I wasn't expecting: It easily slides in and out behind a hoof knife in the pocket of my chaps (without building bulk or snagging on the knife as I pull it out). That immediately fixed a little "pocket switching" issue I had going on. Thank you for putting so much into such a simple tool… Who knew? Cool Tool!"


Pete Ramey

"Easy to handle, read and keep clean! This easy tool just tells me straight away if my eyes are right, it has given me confidence! Thank you so much for having put so many possibilities in just one piece of equipment!"


Cathy Louwers - France

"What an unbelievable job you have done on creating your product & then set about your marketing plan!! I will be showing all my students the Precision Pick & suggesting that they buy one to use for documenting hoof rehabilitation changes. Good for you for pursuing your dreams!!"


Sue Mellen, The Engaged Frog
Preventative & Therapeutic Trimming for Structural Soundness
Danby, VT

"I received my hoof pick in the mail and wanted to tell you how excited I am to use this tool. I am always looking for tools that make a job truly easier and this tool is one of those tools. I am just starting into my hoofcare practice and am anxious to improve my ability to measure the collateral groove depths. Thank you for putting your idea in our hands!"​

Patrice Sager, Natural Hoofcare Practitioner
Lost River, WV

"I've used the tool now for a few days and am very happy with it. The big benefits for me are:

• Always a measurement tool direct available.
• Big enough to always find it between the tools.
• Small enough to fit in my chaps.
So simple, so handy!!"


Simon Lingbeek - Netherlands
UKNHCP Certified Practitioner

"As a professional hoof care provider, the Precision Hoof Pick is a must have tool. It is simple to use yet provides the user with such useful information. Two thumbs up!"


Anthony Madaia
BareFoot Equine Podiatrist - Newburgh, NY
"Correcting causes, Not treating effects"

"Thanks for creating such a useful tool! After attending a Pete Ramey clinic and hearing him talk about how great it was I had to have one! Its easy and handy and no fumbling around trying to get accurate measurements. Also wanted to thank you for donating one to our trimming clinic in a few weeks. I'm sure the winner of this pick will be as pleased as we are with ours!"


Paige Pittman-Harbes, Simonton, Texas

"I have used the Precision Pick everyday for one month, and I’m still surprised. The horses too! The hoof measuring is now easier than ever before. It is actually more fun. Every horse owner should have one or two. So, thank you Sarah"


Anders Winge-Thorby - Solberg Elva, Norway

"I Love your hoofpicks! I am getting another for me and one for a gift!"



"Looking forward to the arrival of the hoof pick. Time to trim again.  I have 3 horses here in Shanghai and a few years ago, I decided to pull the shoes and go barefoot. Our farrier wasn't on board with the project, so I decide to trim myself. I study the DVD of Pete Ramey and read some other books and so far my horses have been sound and comfortable. I am a human Physical therapist so have an interest in mechanics and how they affect movement, so have play around with the angles of the hoof to get a natural movement. I heard about your tool from a friend Anne in Beijing, also through some barefoot web site and forum. Cheers!"


Jane – China

"I LOVE your Precision Pick! THE BEST tool EVER made for trimming, PERIOD! I frequently use your site for reminders and to keep myself updated on information, so that I don't miss anything.


Melissa, Sunny Vale Ranch

"My wife saw your pick on Pete Ramey's DVD and has mentioned a couple of times that she wished she had one, so I decided to search for it and get her one as a surprise gift! Thank you for a prompt response and fast service!"


Loren, Kirksville, MO

"I saw your hoof pick in Pete's book. Up until now I've been using a lollipop stick! It did the job, but I decided I needed something a bit more sophisticated! I love your website! I'd been planning to take photos of me measuring my horses' collateral grooves to go on my site, but now I'll link to yours, as the collateral groove measurement gives such a good indication of laminitic rotation and thin soles. Many Thanks!"


Andrea - France



Lindsay - Alaska

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